What is Victimisation?

Victimisation is unlawful in NSW.

Victimisation happens when someone treats you unfairly because:

  • You have complained about discrimination or harassment;
  • You have complained to Anti-Discrimination NSW;
  • You have supported someone else with a discrimination or harassment complaint;
  • You have been a witness in a discrimination or harassment case.

You can lodge a complaint of victimisation with Anti-Discrimination NSW.

To make an enquiry call on their free, confidential enquiry telephone service;

To complain

Complaints must be made in writing and signed if possible. The complaint form is found here

Anti-Discrimination NSW can refer you for help with writing down a complaint. They will translate a complaint written in any language or in Braille free of charge. They will accept a complaint written on a person’s behalf by trade unions or representative community groups, if the person is named in the complaint and it is clear they agree with the complaint being made on their behalf.